Hanky Panky School


Welcome to the Hanky Panky School. At the Hanky Panky School you can take online courses and exams on having sex. At the left you will find a menu with online courses you can take. Each course costs €1.50 and upon completion you will receive a diploma. The course material is based on extensive research from focus groups and surveys, combined with the expert knowledge of porn stars and sexologists.


Hanky Panky School has 18 effective video courses that will show you techniques for improving your sex-life. Whether you are looking for basic techniques on masturbation, intermediate lessons on blowjobs or advances courses for anal se.x or squirting; at Hanky Panky School you will learn all you need to know. You will improve your sex life and become a happier and more satisfied person.


Very simple: select your course at the left, choose whether you would like pay per phone or pay per sms, and your course will start. If you would like to receive a diploma after, please fill in your email address.